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The Ranges Suite

Ranges software allows easy analysis of locations, whether animals (including humans) or plants. If you need to determine animal home ranges, analyse dispersal, decide which habitat is most often used or how animals arrange themselves socially, Ranges is an invaluable tool.

Ranges 9 runs on IBM-compatible PCs using all current Microsoft Windows operating systems and on Apple Macs from OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion). As well as the full-featured Ranges 9, Ranges comes in the cut-down Lite version and as a free Demo.

Functions and Features

Ranges 9 is our flagship product and contains the full set of analyses. It provides flexible stand-alone analysis software that helps you to collect data efficiently, then quantify area statistics, range overlaps, sociality, dispersal and habitat use with minimum effort and maximum speed. Ranges accepts radio-tracking data collected manually, GPS data or observed distributions from text files. It is compatible with ESRI shape files, but does not need an expensive GIS system.

Hundreds of animal ranges can be analysed with one click (essential for the quantitative researcher). Simply open the output files straight into a spreadsheet, graphics package or other GIS system. NO macros to write and NO text handlers to fiddle with. With an integrated help, full of the most useful up-to-date information on home analyses, Ranges becomes a very practical teaching tool. Linear analyses allows you to take account of animals with restricted movements (e.g. fish in a river, hedgerow species). OREPs (Objective-Restricted-Edge Polygons) are a new neighbour-linkage method based on peripheral neighbour linkages that are less than an objective (statistically defined) distance away from each other; they are equivalent to the Local Convex Hull (LoCoH) method of Getz and Wilmer.

See the full list of analyses and features.

Ranges Lite and Ranges Demo

After many requests from researchers who do not need the full power of Ranges, we have released a Lite version. Whilst keeping the user-friendliness of the latest version (no DOS screens, faster, easier graphics extraction, log screen, easier access to statistics etc.), Ranges Lite is perfect for those who only need to have basic home range outlines, know their sizes and export the outlines into other software packages for habitat analyses etc.

The Ranges Demo is now available at no cost. The demo version allows you to analyse your data using Minimum Convex Polygons and shows analysis setup, progress and results.

Compare Ranges versions to decide which is the best for you.

Ranges Licensing

Ranges can be bought under three kinds of licence. The Single User licence allows the licence holder to install Ranges on two computers, for example a laptop for use in the field and a desktop for heavy number crunching back in the lab, provided both will not be used at the same time. The Site licence, for multiple users in a company, allows Ranges to be installed on ten computers and costs only a fraction more than two Single User licences. The new Organisation licence allows installation on an unlimited number of computers.

Visit the purchasing pages to see the different licence prices.

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