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Through their respective careers Anatrack staff has worked with farmers, game enthusiasts, other conservationists, technology businesses and officials at all levels of government.

Prof Robert Kenward has conducted research for 40 years in ecological and socio-economic environmental issues, initially at Oxford and Uppsala Universities, then in the UK Natural Environment Research Council. After starting two spin-out companies, he completed a career as Director of Technology Transfer and is now a NERC-CEH Fellow. Contracts included work for universities and NGOs in Canada, Sweden and UK, for 3 water companies, British Petroleum plc, Council of Europe, European Commission and UNEP. He has served on councils of 3 international NGOs involved in conservation through sustainable use, for 31, 12 and 8 years respectively, and is Chair of IUCN's Sustainable Use and Management of Ecosystems Thematic Group. He has more than 200 scientific publications, including 3 books, and reads Scandinavian languages, German and French.

Nick Casey has Masters degrees in engineering and electronics from the Universities of Oxford and York, at the latter implementing and presenting important developments in electronic signal processing. He has an established career as a software engineer and has nearly twenty years commercial experience building large-scale applications for local networks and the Internet, including cutting-edge "off-the-shelf" products and custom solutions for high profile clients such as the National Grid, Mitsubishi, Toyota and Barclays Bank. He now manages his own software consultancy and has recently joined the Anatrack team programming the Ranges suite, prototyping applications thrown up by the TESS initiative and consulting on the Naturalliance environment portal.

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