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Anatrack Ltd is a spin-out from the United Kingdom's Natural Environment Research Council's Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (NERC-CEH). Founded in 2000, its primary purpose has been to develop and market ecological software designed in NERC-CEH, with a particular interest in the development of specialist GIS software for modelling animal populations in relation to human impacts and especially changing land-use. Anatrack now also conducts research more widely on environmental topics, mostly for the European Commission.

Anatrack is committed to science-based conservation that uses new technologies to integrate local-level results for decision making at all levels from policy-making to field applications. This was exemplified by its participation in GEM-CON-BIO: Governance and Ecosystems Management for the Conservation of Biodiversity (FP6 - Citizens and Governance), in which it ran the major case study on Use Nationally of Wild Resources across Europe. UNWIRE is based on a network of Country Coordinators (CoCos) managing 6 questionnaires, translated into their own language and checked by Anatrack, for each of the 27 EU states. The same network of CoCos, selected by IUCN Sustainable Use Specialist Group, has subsequently been engaged for TESS in questionnaire survey and improvement of the Mapper software.

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